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   Because you can join us as a tourist, together with your friends or family at our 4x4 holidays. During the days you can  experience our beautiful landscapes and in the evenings you can sit by the fire making a grill and  sleep in your own tents or enjoy typical Romanian food and sleep in  nice  pensions.
  Because you can join us as a competitor at our “Romania GPS Trophy”. Here you can experience the taste of a competition. It’s not a common race, it’s a one-week event during that you can choose your own tracks inside the competition area, depending of your driving skills and the preparation of your car. Team spirit is a must.

   Because our activities are running in this country which is blessed by the mother nature with some of the most beautiful mountains covered with ancient forests, big lakes and deep caves. Along our tours you can visit typical Romanian villages, old churches and old castles. Joining our tour you will have the chance to visit the old town of Sibiu, together with some of his very well known museums, some of  them famous not only in Romania but all over Europe.

   Because we are going to open in Romania the biggest Off Road Park from Europe. From spring 2012 you will have a 13.000 hectares area inside that we are preparing for you all kind of tracks.

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Why "... Romania ? "

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