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4 x 4 tours

Since 2010 we are organizing 4x4 tours through our country, Romania. We invite you to join us because during them, we are not only in the wilderness, we are reaching some points of cultural & historical interest in the transitated areas, too. That's because we want you to know our country from so much sides as possible.  If you have some specific regions of our country in mind, we can work together and develop your tour as you wish. We can sleep in our tents or spend the nights in nice pensions, it's your choice. 

Only condition: you have to come with your own car & equipment, we don't provide/lease it ( the possibility to rent a car & driver still exists, but the costs of your holiday will be much higher !)

Prices: using your own 4x4 vehicle beginning from 60 Euro/day/car (no matter how many persons you are inside).

Questions/proposals:  you can contact us through our submission form right here :

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